Friday 14 April 2013 found me standing on Fistral Beach with a group of budding surf photographers in my first surf photography workshop. Part of Newquay’s ART8 art festival, the day was a great success.

A total of 18 photographers of varying abilities joined me for two two-hour sessions (7 in

the morning and 11 in the afternoon). After a 30 minute slide show and theory lesson covering composition, technical hints and tips and a few well chosen anecdotes we headed down to Fistral with our cameras and the big 600mm Canon f4 lens.

The students then took in turns to photograph some young surfers I had rounded up for the day: Josh Braddock, Dale Foster and Harry Timson did their best in the testing onshore waves, and happily the sun shone so we got some nice shots.

Then we headed back to the hotel (Headland in the morning Carnmarth in the afternoon) for a post processing lesson using Lightroom. Everyone enjoyed themselves and got some valuable insights and feedback forms revealed some very positive comments, so I hope to holding some more surf photography workshops later in the year. If you are interested use the contact form on my website and I while let you know when they are happening.

Here are some of the surfing images the students captured on the day. Thanks to Lucy Stephens for the us the photo above.


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  1. John Downes

    It’s good to see a good action/sports photography workshop being conducted down in the west country.
    The genre is specialized subject I appreciate, but this gives people the opportunity to use equipment and photograph a genre they would probably not get the chance to do.

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