Fashion footwear image of Roxy trainersI’m always on the lookout for new locations for shoots, and I’ve been hankering after somewhere with worn floorboards, old sofas and muted paintwork in home town in Cornwall. So I was so happy to stumble across the Watershed Cafe in Newquay, above a new surf shop of the same name, which exactly fitted the bill. No only that, but it is south facing, so plenty of light gets in the large windows. Ideal.

It was great to have an assistant in tow for a change, our student intern Katie McCollough who, along with the model Hannah Harding, took care of the styling, which meant I could just get on and shoot.

The exterior shots were taken in a very windswept and cold Fistral car park, with Hannah clambering onto a skip to get some colours and textures behind the black Vans

And here’s the opening spread in SurfGirl…