Studio photography retro shoot

You never know what to expect as an editorial photographer, which means you have to be on your toes. Today I was due to shoot some straightforward wetsuit shots for Carve and Surfgirl wetsuit guides, but the client, Snugg wetsuits, called and asked if I would shoot a pastiche of an old Gul ad he had seen in the 70s.

I managed to find the ad on Gul’s Facebook site and set about recreating the shot with models Pippa and Scott. Canon EOS 7d, 28-80mm zoom, Bowens Esprit with softbox camera right, Bowens with beauty dish camera left.

The retro look was applied in Lightroom from a preset downloaded from Preset Heaven.

Here’s another shot without the retro look.


And here’s the old Gul ad.    

Shamelessly sexist I guess, but what the hell!