Stretchy stuff in the studio

A fun studio shoot for Surfgirl magazine today. The brief was to illustrate the stretchiness of modern wetsuits, so I got the model Corinne to pose in various poses inspired by Elastogirl from The Incredibles.

The studio lighting setup was pretty straightforward, a plain white background with one Bowens Esprit with a softbox to camera right providing key and another with a beauty dish camera left with a sock providing fill. It only took about 20 minutes to get the shots. I used the Canon EFS 10-22 on the Canon EOS 7D as I knew it would appear to stretch the image towards the edges.

Raw files were then imported into Adobe Lightroom and I applied a preset which I’ve used before. It cools down the white balance and gives some nice grain. The effect is really nice, and gives an interesting skin tone. I then opened them opened them in Photoshop used the liquify filter and warp to really get the Elastogirl look. Because that then distorted the background I had to do quite a lot of cloning. Here’s one image as shot and here’s one with treatment.