Chefs, camera, action!

Just got back from shooting the final of Cornwall’s Next Head Chef at Penwith College. Four sous and commis chefs  were in action, competing for the coveted prize. Last year’s winner, Adam Gerrish is now a head chef, so although the competition is only in its second year it’s definitely a prestige title.

Each chef cooked a starter, main and desert, so there was plenty of foodporn to shoot, and I got the chance to try out a new lighting setup.

The winner was Davin Browning, whose dishes were all served on eye-catching two-toned plates and dishes (so you can identify them in the photos).


Chefs in kitchen CNHF_14_Searle-0791 CNHF_14_Searle-0792 CNHF_14_Searle-0796 CNHF_14_Searle-0858 CNHF_14_Searle-0874 CNHF_14_Searle-0881 CNHF_14_Searle-0921 CNHF_14_Searle-0952 CNHF_14_Searle-0973 CNHF_14_Searle-0991 CNHF_14_Searle-1000 CNHF_14_Searle-1011 CNHF_14_Searle-1023 CNHF_14_Searle-1043 CNHF_14_Searle-1056 CNHF_14_Searle-1091 duo