Access my stock of photos of Cornwall

Over the years I have built up a huge library of stock photos of Cornwall, especially beaches, harbours, activities and landscapes. Above is a gallery of a small selection of my photos of Cornwall.

I have literally thousands of great photos of Cornwall in my stock library, and now I am making them available to businesses for use on websites or in brochures and advertising at reasonable rates.

I am particularly strong on images from around Newquay and the north coast, as well as generic tourist industry imagery including food, animals, people cycling and mountain biking, jogging etc.

The images are ideal for holiday lettings agencies, developers, hotels or any other Cornwall-based business which needs stunning and unique photography to help attract more business and complement their brand.

My photos have been used by the Headland Hotel, Cornish Horizons Cottages, Secret Ecaspes and Tolcarne Beach Apartments Newquay, amongst others.

My images have also been used by Newquay BID on the Tube in London and on buses throughout Cornwall.

Rather than post my library online I prefer to provide a bespoke stock image service.

This is how it works:

  1. Contact me with your requirements and I will put together a selection of photos for you to view, usually in a password protected gallery.
  2. You select the photos you want to use and tell me how and where you want to use them.
  3. We agree a price. Starting price for non exclusive web use is £25, with bulk discounts available.
  4. I send you the optimised images along with an invoice.
  5. You pay me. Simples!

A note on copyright. In common with all true professional photographers I always retain copyright. By buying an image from me you are buying a licence to use that image in a specific way.

This effectively saves you money.

Why? If you wanted to buy the copyright for an image, i.e. use it exclusively anywhere, anyhow you liked for ever, it would cost you thousands. You just want to use it as a small image on a website mainly in the UK, so you buy a licence to use it that way and that way only. I am free to sell that image for other uses, but we may agree that I won’t sell it for use by one of your competitors.

Think of copyright as buying a jumbo pizza, 15 inches wide, thick crust with all the toppings. You can’t eat the whole thing, you just want a slice or two. There’s no point buying the whole pizza — you’d be sick and eventually have a heart attack, so you just buy a slice. I can sell slices to other pizza lovers, so we are all happy!