Cherry Blossom in cornwall

It seems to have taken longer than ever to arrive, but spring is finally here and Cornwall’s hedgerows, woods and gardens are bursting with growth. 

What a great time time to acquire a new camera, a Canon Eos 5d mk2. There’s nothing like a new piece of kit to boost your creativity and as this is my first foray into full-frame digital photography and I have been snapping away to my heart’s content. One of the things I’ve had to get used to is the difference in depth of field in this format compared to the Canon 7d.

I also bought a Canon 50mm f1.4 lens and am absolutely blow away by the sharpness. I managed to snap a Bumblebee snaffling the nectar from my cherry blossom and zooming in every tiny hair on the bee is pin sharp. I used a Canon EF12 extension tube for these Macro shots, hand held.So here’s a selection: cherry blossom, forgetmenots, wild garlic, an abandoned cottage near St Mawgan, bluebells and a random red flower from a bunch bought at Morrisons.