Cornwall dusk

Breathtaking dusk in Cornwall

Sometimes it seems when you are looking for something, you often find something else, something that you were really looking for in the first place. You just need to keep your eyes open and stay aware.

My son is currently building a little portfolio so he can win a place on a photography class at school. He wanted some long exposure photos of a waterfall to emulate one of his inspirations, the US photographer Chris Burkard. Cornwall is short of waterfalls, so we made a quick after school jaunt to south east Cornwall to take some photos at Golitha Falls.

Mission accomplished, we headed for home, but just a few miles down the road we crested a hill and this view hit us. The dusky tones, purple, orange and blues, were just stunning. Lights from cars wending their way home flickered through the trees. I made a quick U-turn and found a good vantage point, using my Sigma 70-200 on  a long setting (about 180mm) to compress the perspective, emphasising the receding layers of ridges of the misty Cornish countryside.

The beauty of landscape photography is that this fleeting perspective may not come together again for months or years. I remember seeing a photo of the Tuscan countryside using this technique and have had it in the back of mind for years, waiting for the right moment to capture it. I am so happy that it all came together in Cornwall, rather than having to travel to Italy!

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Dusk in Cornwall orange purple Dusk in Cornwall orange purple landscape photography Dusk in Cornwall orange purple landscape photography